Hello World, It’s me

Blogging.  Never thought about it.  Then I saw a movie.  Seems like a good idea.  We’ll see.

I think I’ll talk about my career at the library.  The everyday ins and outs of dealing with patrons.  The Customer Service frustrations.  The good, the bad, and (oh yes) the ugly.  Let me start with what inspired me to get started in the first place.  This is somewhere on the good side.  Only because remembering it makes me LOL.  Totally.

So I’m helping a patron find a book (what else, well, there’s lots more available at the library but more on that later).  And s/he says:

Patron:  You know, you talk really loud.

Me:   Hum?  (Really, because my mother has been telling me this since I was five, and I thought she was just kidding, so thanks for the update!  Now I’m SURE I talk really loud.)

Patron:   You know, this is a library.

Me:  Yes.  (Really?  So THAT’S what all these books are doing here!  And I thought they were just clever obstacles to prevent children from running around . . . which they’re not really effective at . . . oh, and that also EXPLAINS what I’m doing here each day as a librarian.  WHEW!  Thanks for that!)

Patron:  And you shouldn’t talk so loud because libraries are quiet places.

Me:  Well, we are really trying to respond to the community’s needs for a community center.  Libraries are not what they used to be.  (HELLO!  Are you listening!  Can’t you hear that lady in the back talking on her cellphone about how her baby daddy didn’t send the child support payment!  Or the teenager on the computer singing along to the latest Lady Gaga video!  HELLO!)

Patron:  Yes, I know, but you’re really loud.

Me:  OK, well, I’ll work on it.  Do you need help with anything?  (I hope I can.  I think I can.  We’ll see if I can do it softly.  Probably not, though.)

Patron:  Can you help me find a book?

Me:  Sure.  No problem.

And that, my friends, is a typical conversation at the library.

Welcome to my life and times at the library.

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