Act Two: When in Denmark, Do as the Danish

So we have already reviewed the beginning of the printing conversation.  Let us review from the perspective of the patron, briefly:

1.        Get on computer.

2.        Have staff demonstrate print (several times).

3.        Print.

Now, let’s say we have successfully gotten past steps one and two, and have now printed in step three, now what?  Well, I’m here to tell you now what.  Now, you must release your print job from the print management system (the what?).  Which, you would think, should be a relatively simple task as well.  But it isn’t, really. 

Patron:            My copies didn’t come out.

Me:                  The copier machine isn’t working?

Patron:           Yeah, I sent the item, and it didn’t come out.

Me:                Oh (you sent the item to the copier did you?  the force is strong with you isn’t it?  you just sat at a computer across the room, levitated your document over to the copier, lifted the lid with your mind, levitated some change into the slot – NO PENNIES EITHER! – pressed “START” but nothing came out of the copier.  that darn copier, we REALLY need to get it fixed).  So (skipping the obvious) you were on a computer, and sent your item to print, but it did not come out?

Patron:            Yeah.

Me:                  (at this point, sometimes I’m getting dirty look.  I ignore it and continue with the “reference” interview.)  OK, well, did you put money in the machine?

Patron:             Yeah.  It took my money.

Me:                  OK, well let’s go fix it.

(walking over to the . . . copy machine)

Patron:            See, nothing came out.

Me:                 OK, well, this is the copier machine, we’re you trying to make copies? (really, I hope you were and this is all just some big misunderstanding at this point because it is hard to come face to face with the reality that you don’t know that this is a copier and not a printer, or that somehow, magically, your print jobs would come out of the copier)

Patron:            Oh, no.  Sorry.

Me:                 (whew!  that was close)  OK, well, let’s get your money out of here, and go over to the print management system.

Patron:             The what?

Me:                  (ARRRGGG!  can we come up with a better name for it already?  geez!  how about “where you get your print jobs” – wait, I could see how that could get out of hand, nevermind)  Where you release your print jobs (oh dear, there’s that word again!).  Let me show you.

Patron:              OK.

Me:                   OK.  You come over here, take your mouse, and select “Release Print Job” (maybe calling the system the “Release Print Job System” isn’t such a BAD idea after all).  So you scan your library card here (indicating and showing).

Patron:           It won’t scan.

Me:                Let me show you (taking the card and scanning it for the patron).  Now enter your PIN number

Patron:          The what?

Me:                The four digit number you chose and used to get on the computer.

Patron:          Oh, OK.

Me:                Alright, now here are you different jobs.  Take your mouse and click on the one you want to print.

Patron:         I want to print them all.

Me:               OK, well, first click here were it says “Multiple Jobs Off” so that you turn “Multiple Jobs” On (look, I know that it makes no sense, but just go with it). 

Patron:          OK, now what?

Me:               Now, you click on the different items you want to print, and the total shows at the bottom, and then click “Print.”

Patron:           OH.  Ok, now what?

Me:                Now, put your money in that machine over there (you know, the machine next to the PRINTER as opposed to the COPIER – but more on that later).  And click “Pay From Vending Device” (yeah, I know that makes no sense either, coin machine would be better, but what can I DO?). 

Patron:              OK.  But it isn’t coming out.

Me:                   Well, you have to wait for the print jobs to come out after the system communicates with the coin box.

Patron:            Thank you.

Me:                  You’re welcome.  (really, you are, because after blogging about this, I come to realize how not intuitive it is.  Although, that whole part about the copy machine had me worried for a moment).

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One Response to Act Two: When in Denmark, Do as the Danish

  1. cloudgoddess says:

    I would seriously consider making a laminated card with step by step instructions. Maybe even take a picture of the printer so people know what to look for. Hopefully that will help them distinguish it from a copier. 😉

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