Making Sense of It All

What I am about to relate totally happened just as I am relating it.  I swear.  I seriously couldn’t make it up if I tried.

Patron:      [Whistling] Vree!  Vree!

Me:            (OK, let’s be serious here.  If you tried this at home, you would NOT get a response.  I am not a dog, I DO NOT come hither when whistled at.  Be that as it may, I went over to this patron, who was standing in front of a computer.)  Do you need help?

Patron:          [Silence.]

Me:               [Silence.] . . . Do you need help getting on the computer?

Patron:         [Silence.]  uhh, uhh [while motioning with hand at the computer].

Me:                (At this point I see a USB in the computer.)  Do you need to do something with your USB?

Patron:           uhh, uhh [while pointing at the USB with finger].

Me:                (OK, I’m doing my best here, I mean, this person could be disabled in some way, and you have to be respectful, and all that, but come on!  help me out here, what do you want?!?!?!?!?!?!)  Is this your USB?

Patron:           No.

Me:                 OK [taking USB out of computer].  Thank you.

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