Treasures Found

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the strange things that are found in library books.  Of the receipts, notes, doodlings, bookmarks, money, checks, social security cards, and various other odds and ends of items ranging from a stray bit of paper to a credit card that patrons use as temporary book marks which end up inevitably in a bin of lost and found items that stay lost for eternity.

Well, I’m not sure that my discovery today is odd in the way that, say, finding a $2 bill in a book, is odd.

But utilizing hole punches?  As a bookmark?  Really? 

And, to make it even more interesting, the paper is obviously of the graphing variety, because there are way too many lines on it for it to be ruled paper.

One, therefore, must invaritably wonder how this could have possibly happened?  Did someone empty the retaining tray of their hole punch over the book, leaving these bits in the seams on purpose?  By accident? 

We will never know.

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