Password Reboot

OK, it has been a while.   A long while.  I got a summer flu.  Preceded by going to Harry Potter World for the soft opening (let no one fool you, I was there on May 28th, and I drank butterbeer and pumpkin juice and partook of overpriced English breakfast, but sadly didn’t make the ride until they figured out how to keep it running on Sunday morning).  Followed by weeks of nothing to talk about.  And school.  Endless school assignments.  Not that those are over, but it is the Fourth of July weekend, and patrons are scarse (thank goodness) and now I have time to type up and make posts based on little notes I’ve been taking the past weeks.  So, in reverse chronological order, here we go:

Patron:            Do you know how to log on to [unintelligible]?

Me:                I’m sorry, I didn’t understand?  Log on to what?

Patron:         School.

Me:               [OK, let’s just skip ahead here . . . ]  Are you on a computer?

Patron:            It won’t let me log onto school.

(just as an aside here: I think it is HILARIOUS! when patrons call or refer to a computer as “it”, like “it” won’t let me blah blah blah, as if “it” could do anything to the patron, being an inanimate object and all, but it is just HILARIOUS! when the patrons come and refer to “it” in a tone like a tattle-telling sibling.  HILARIOUS!)

Me:                 OK, well, where are you sitting?  [having heard “it” I now assume that the patron is still on “it”]

Patron:           Over there.  I’m trying to check my grades.

Me:                OK, let’s go see what is wrong (with “it”, because it can’t be you, I know, it can’t.)

Patron:           It won’t let me on.

Me:                [looking at login screen for school’s website with nothing filled in]  Did you enter in your user name and password?

Patron:           My user name is my school ID.

Me:                OK, did you enter it as the user name?

Patron:           Yes.

Me:                 OK, well, try again for me, so I can see what’s happening.

Patron:            My school ID is 123456789.

Me:                OK, well, enter that in for the user name [watching as patron enters in numbers] and now, you’re password . . .

Patron:          I don’t know my password.

Me:               [A ha!  I knew “it” was messing this up!]  OK, well, you can click here [indicating] and follow the steps to reset your password [clicking].  Once you get a new password, you will be able to login [to “it”].

Patron:                  OK.

Me:                      Let me know if you need any more help.

. . .

Patron:                 Um, it still won’t work.

Me:                  [OK, I asked for it.]  OK, let’s see what’s wrong [with it].

Patron:           See, I type in mmyyyy like it says, and it doesn’t work.

Me:                 [oh dear, there “it” goes again]  mmyyyy refers to the numbers of your birth month and birth year.

Patron:            Oh.

Me:                 So what’s your birth day?

Patron:            December 12th

Me:                 and what year were you born?

Patron:             1996.

Me:                 So you would put in 121996.

Patron:            OK.

Me:                  See, there, it worked. 

Patron:          Thanks.

Me:                   No problem.

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