Resume Revision

These are tough economic times, I tell you.  Tough!

Patron:         Yeah, I need help with my resume.

Me:             OK (walking over to computer).  What problem are you having?

Patron:        Well, I can’t get my prior employment lined up on the left.

Me:              OK, well, you have here “Booty Call”, and then the next one is “Solid Gold?”  You need those lined up?

Patron:         Yes.

Me:              OK, well, it helps to turn on the formatting codes (clicking and indicating) so that we can see what spacing is there . . . see all these dots?

Patron:         Yes.

Me:              OK, each dot represents a space and each arrow represents a tab. 

Patron:          OK.

Me:               So, next to “Booty Call” you’ve got 5 spaces, but next to “Solid Gold” you’ve got 7 spaces.  (indicating).  If we erase those, and put a tab in, then they’ll line up (deleting and putting in tabs).  See?

Patron:      Yeah, that’s better.

Me:            Sure, no problem.  Can I help you with anything else?

Patron:       Yeah, I need to put somewhere how long I worked at these places, where do I do that?

Me:          Well, that depends on where you want to put it.  I see you’re using one of our resume templates, and see where it says here “dates” (pointing and indicating)?

Patron:       Yeah.

Me:             This template is telling you to put the dates in here, so from when to when did you work at “Solid Gold”?

Patron:       From 2001 til now.

Me:            Wow, 9 years.

Patron:        Yeah, I got laid off because of budget cuts.

Me:           Really?

Patron:          Yeah, they fired 3 dancers because they got rid of the morning shift.

Me:            Wow.  Times are tough.

Patron:         Sure, but the tips were still good, so I’m trying to get a job down here at “Stir Crazy”.

I’m sure they are.  And I’m sure you will, with that much experience.

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