What’s my email account?

Every now and then you have to just step away.  You have to answer the call of your fellow librarians to step away and help someone else.  You have to, because otherwise, you would scream.

Patron:           I need to print an email.

Me:                 OK, well, first you need to login to your email.

Patron:           At home, I have an MSN email.

Me:               OK, well, let’s go there and you can login.  You will have a Hotmail email, which is through MSN.

Patron:          No, it’s MSN.

Me:               OK, well, here’s MSN, so login.

Patron:          Let me call and find out what my login is.

Me:              OK.  (waiting as she calls someone to find out her login).

Patron:           OK, where do I log in?

Me:               Here, where it says “login.”

Patron:             OK, what do I put there?

Me:                The login that they just told you on the phone.

Patron:             OK.  (puts in login).

Me:                OK, so put in your password.

Patron:              OK (puts in password).

Me:              OK, so now you’re logged in to MSN.

Patron:             Where is my message?

Me:                The email for MSN is Hotmail, so you click here (indicating), and your email mailbox will open.

Patron:               OK (clicking).  So where is the message?

Me:                 Well, it says here that you don’t have an email account set up.

Patron:          But I have an MSN account.

Me:                OK, well, you logged in to MSN, and clicked on the email for MSN, which is Hotmail, and it is now saying that you don’t have an email account.

Patron:         But it is through MSN.

Me:              OK, well, we’re here at MSN (I promise!  Look!  See!!   There, on the screen!  It says “MSN”!  I’m pointing at it now!  SEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!).

Patron:           OK.

Me:              And over here, is your name, so you’re logged in.

Patron:            OK.

Me:               And if you click over here on “Hotmail,” . . .

Patron:             But I have it through MSN.

Me:              (ok, let’s try to stay calm).  Hotmail is the email for MSN, which is part of Windows Live; it is the email for Microsoft’s online community (ok, that wasn’t dumbed-down enough, but I’m trying . . . ).

Patron:           OK, well, I just want to print the email I got from MSN.

Me:              Oh, so you got an email from MSN?

Patron:           Yeah, it’s MSN.

Me:               OK, so what is your email address?

Patron:           Patron@yahoo.com

Well, there you go.

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