Don’t let the pee pee dance turn into a pee pee puddle.

Parents!  Siblings!  Grandparents!  Various care givers of all types!  Child caretakers!  May I have your attention please!

We all know that young children have bladders the size of golfballs.  Literally.  And while this golfball bladder can hold amounts of urine that defy physics and proportions, these bladders cannot hold urine forever.  Which is why children will go through stages of urinating urgency: (1) strange leg movements; (2) pee pee dance; (3) pee pee dance while holding oneself; and (4) jumping up and down while holding oneself.  Children typically will notify their elder care giving figure of the need to urinate, but even if they don’t scream about their need to pee, they will show these signs.  And any care giver will know what these are, so there is really no excuse for not knowing if a child has to urinate.

Really.  No excuse.

Especially not the one I heard today:

Patron:      Do you work here?

Me:            (Oh goodness, why did I walk into the children’s department?  WHY?!).  Yes.

Patron:       My grand daughter peed on the floor; I couldn’t get her to the bathroom in time.

Me:            Where?

Patron:       (pointing vaguely into the children’s department).  Over there.

Me:             OK.

At which point I have to go the janitor’s closest, open the rediculously heavy door, get smacked in the face with the horendous odor that has developed in there, pick up the mop and mop bucket, put water and soap into the bucket, travel back to the children’s department with this and a “wet floor” sign, mop up the urine, attempt to squeeze out the mop only to discover that the squeezer on the mop bucket is broken, call the security guard to watch the area so that others don’t walk on the dirty/wet floor, get papertowels to sop up the urine/dirty soapy water, go back to the staff room to get gloves to pick up the dirty papertowels, and finally come over to the desk to post about it on my blog.

Meanwhile grandma has checked out her materials and left the library with her grand daughter with wet shorts in tow.

So I ask all of you care givers to please not let the pee pee dance turn into a pee pee puddle.

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