“Nbdy writ anymre.”

So, I’m a young adult librarian.  This is separate and different from a children’s librarian, or an adult services librarian in that those librarians can communicate thier services to their patrons, and I cannot because mine do not talk, they just grunt.  OK, fine, they occassionally say: “no”  “maybe” and “I don’t know.”

Therefore, it came as a shocking surprise when I recently asked one of my more locuacious young adult patrons if he had written to his brother (who is in training to be a Marine) and received this response:

Patron:      Nobody writes anymore.

Me:          No, not like a letter, although that would be nice and thoughtful, but at least an email?

Patron:        No, nobody writes anymore.  Everybody texts.

Yes, because texting isn’t writing.  My bad.

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