This is a library, not for crying out loud!

Hoodelems exist.  I’m not sure I’m spelling that right, but they exist.  They come in many shapes and sizes, but are typically male or the teenager persuasion.

The problem with hoodelems in the library is several fold.  First, they are noisy.  Second, they are noisy.  And finally, they are noisy.

The noise they make wouldn’t be that bad if it didn’t consist of sentences such as “Hey, my n*****, dat b*tch over there need to suck my ****!”  Or, “B*tch you don’t know how to read.”  Or, (while looking at their facebook page) “Dat girl is fine, I need to tap dat.”

But regardless of the subject matter of the noise, and this is a library and we all know that libraries are relatively quiet places for the most part and that we need to respect our fellow patrons and not be noisy, etc. etc. etc.

Now, as a librarian I have absolute power to rule absolutely and kick your sorry self out of the library if I feel like it.  And so I do.  And you try me, you hoodelem, you try me because you sit on a bench in front of the library and try to get back in to “use the bathroom” or “tell your friend you’re going home” or “check out a book.” 

But you don’t get to come back inside.  Not tonight. 

And, if I felt like doing paperwork, not for a week.

And, I would have the police escort you home.



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One Response to This is a library, not for crying out loud!

  1. Charles R says:


    But I think I like your spelling better.

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