The Great Pee Pee Puddle

Here is the story of the legend of the Great Pee Pee Puddle.

Once upon a time, there lived an innocent librarian.  She was happily manning the information desk every day, serving the public with glee.  Often, there were odors, and the occasional accident, but in all, nothing much bothered this innocent librarian because things had not been so bad.

Then, one day, there was a horrendous odor. It permeated the air. It came dangerously close to attaching itself to her hair. It was dreadful. It was the stench of week-old pee. “Curious,” thought the innocent librarian, “if pee had been here all week, surely we would have noticed it.”

Not wanting to explore the source of such vile, infecting, nauseating, and wretched, stench, the innocent librarian perused the floor from afar. And there it was: The Great Pee Pee Puddle. It threatened to seep into the electrical outlet on the floor. It had spread over three feet! And, it was still growing.

Not wanting to seem rude, the innocent librarian casually left the comfort of the information desk chair, and escaped into the backroom to seek advice. “What should I do?” she cried for help, “There is a Great Pee Pee Puddle and IT IS STILL GROWING!” Up rose her branch manager and followed her out into the public area, confronted by the stink as she opened the door. “Excuse me,” the branch manager said to the patron playing solitaire at a computer, “but I believe you’ve had an accident.” The patron replied, as she placed a Jack on a Queen, “but I’m wearing a diaper.” So obvious it was that the device was not holding what could not possibly be held – 10 gallons of old urine – the innocent librarian said, “perhaps you should check on it in the restroom.”

The patron arose, dripping along the floor a trail from her chair to the bathroom door. Out came the buckets, mop and “wet floor” signs, and the innocent librarian donned a gas mask and sighed, “Goodbye Great Pee Pee Puddle, please don’t come back soon. We would rather never see you again in this room.”

But the story did not end quite yet, for this innocent librarian was met with a patron comment, “The bathroom stinks!” “Oh dear,” she thought, “what has occurred, I thought The Great Pee Pee Puddle was gone for good.”

To the bathroom she went, and upon opening the door, the horrid odor filled her nostrils once more. She did not have to look far to find the offending pad sitting in the trash can. She obtained latex gloves, rolled up her sleeves and prayed that the trash bag would not leak on the floor. She tied it all up, placed it inside another, and rushed to the dumpster to finally dispose of the Great Pee Pee Puddle.

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4 Responses to The Great Pee Pee Puddle

  1. springsreef says:

    Evidently, you’ve had this blog for a year. I would have never known if you hadn’t added the feed on Facebook.

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  3. Di says:

    Yack!!!! The Great Pee Pee Puddle strikes again!!!

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