Didn’t you see me over there?

Patrons can be invisible.  Often, when I’m running round the library doing other tasks besides being on the desk to answer reference questions, I just do not see them.  It isn’t because I don’t want to; it is because I’m doing something else.

Sometimes patrons will approach me for help, and I’m happy to help.  Other times, I just want to finish what I’m doing, but I help anyways.  And other times, I don’t want to help at all (hey, we all have bad days).  But this?!  This takes the cake.

Patron:              (walking up to me) Excuse me.

Me:                    Yes, how can I help you?

Patron:               Do you work here?

Me:                     (now, every time a patron asks if I work here I get nervous.  usually nothing good follows such question).  Yes.

Patron:               Well, did you not see me over there?

Me:                    Ma’am, I . . .

Patron:                That other person walked right past me too.

Me:                    I’m sorry, can I help you with something?

Patron:               I just don’t understand, I was sitting at the computer like this (points index finger in the air) and no one saw me!

Me:                      (Yes, no one saw you sitting at a computer with your finger in the air.  I got it.  If we paid attention to every patron who makes hand motions at computers, we would go insane.)  Well, I’m sorry about that, but how can I help you?

Patron:               Well, the computer won’t let me on.

Me:                     (here we go again with what the computer won’t let you do, because you don’t have a hand – or a finger – in it at all!).  Let me see. . . . what is your PIN numer?

Patron:                5555.

Me:                     (Entering 5555 as the PIN number).  OK, now the computer is logged in. 

Patron:                How did you do that?

Me:                     I have the magic finger.

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One Response to Didn’t you see me over there?

  1. Charles Roig says:

    I’m sure you wanted to show it to her, too.

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