The Lesser Pee Pee Puddle

Previously on Dewey It To Me One More Time . . . The Great Pee Pee Puddle grew large and caused a general disturbance and yuckiness in the library.

And now, Chapter 2, The Lesser Pee Pee Puddle

Time passed, and went by, and the innocent librarian nearly forgot all about The Great Pee Pee Puddle.  She had thrown it away, and it was gone.

But not for good, for, the innocent librarian soon found out about the Lesser Pee Pee Puddle!  One day, as she stood at the circulation desk, quietly checking in and checking out books, she heard a small trickle. The slightest noise of water running.

“That’s odd,” she said to her fellow librarian, “it isn’t raining outside, but I could swear I hear water trickling!”

“We better not look,” said her fellow librarian.  “It is best not to know. Remember nugget #3!

But she could not help it.  She got up to investigate.  She looked in non-fiction, she looked around the DVDs, she navigated reference and Spanish language, and went all the way back to language instruction, but could not find the source of trickle.

Being not-so-innocent any longer, she dreaded checking the children’s department.  Who knew what she would find in there!  Anything was possible!

But went she did, for it was her job?  Her duty?  Her responsibility.  Yeah, that’s it, her responsibility!

And low and behold, she found the source of the trickle.  It came from the back of a chair.  From the back of the chair where the same patron who had created the legendary Great Pee Pee Puddle was sitting!  How should she proceed?  Surely this patron was aware of the drip?  Of the wet underwear?  Of the warm feeling below?

Nay, this patron was not aware!  For, as the innocent librarian sprouted the courage to ask,

“Excuse me, but did you know that you’re urinating on the floor?”

The patron replied, “No I’m not.”

Oh, but the patron WAS.  So before the Lesser Pee Pee Puddle could grow, the innocent librarian said,

“Please go to the restroom and clean yourself up.”

But the patron didn’t!  The patron just left the library.

And a trail of pee pee behind them.

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