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Anatomy of a Librarian

Not to sure about the salary figure, but, it’s pretty good otherwise.

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Anatomy of a Librarian | Infographic |
Image Source: Online Masters
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Book Review – Time Was Soft There

Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co.

by Mercer, Jeremy

Memorable Quote:  “After that, I put more faith in Chris’s stories. When you see a man holding a machine gun, all of a sudden all his other wild tales become a little more credible.”

This book chronicles what happened to Jeremy Mercer when he ended up living at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, France.  Mercer describes in vivid detail the odd collection of personalities that land at Shakespeare & Co., from long-time owner George Whitman to Mercer himself.  Mercer’s story revolves around the evolution of Shakespeare & Co. through time, providing an exposition of the day-to-day life at the store-come-residence.  It is here that a myriad set of individuals come to spend time – having lost their fortune, lost there way, lost their loved ones – all united by the desire to write.  Those having some ability to write as deemed by George himself after scrutiny of their work are permitted to stay at the store “monetary rent” free while they write or otherwise “work” on their work.  You’ll enjoy this ride through Paris on the edge of poverty, in the mix of intellectuals, and under the wing of Mercer, who carries you along on his journey with compelling anecdotes and provides a window into a world you otherwise would never see.

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What I Do

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Where is that stench coming from?

Whenever you smell something stank in the library, you want to run away and try to ignore it because you never know if it will be a poopy chaira pee pee puddle, or some other unidentified funk.

So yesterday, there happened to be a permeating perfume of sludge mixed with rain water mixed with foot fungus mixed with mildew mixed with a mash of whatever can be possibly dragged in on the bottom of one’s sneaker.  And where did it come from?  What or, god forbid, who could have caused such an overriding stank to form in the main hall of the library?

. . .

None other than the newly-replaced floor mat by the front door of the library.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

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Shelf Edging is for the birds.

Children of the library love to push the books that have been carefully edged back into the shelf.  This causes books to fall over, fall on the floor, and become a general state of disarray.

I say, stop the madness!  If the children WANT the books at the back of the shelf, so be it.

And it worked.

Now if I could only get them to stop using the shelves as ladders.  Then the library world would be a better place.

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Who let the dogs in! Who? Who? Who?

There is nothing like trying to chase a dog out of a library.  Nothing like it.  Today, a rather large dog came running into the library, circled around a computer desk, and comfortably plopped himself down on the floor like he owned the place.

In fact, he did.  Because none of the librarians or staff were gonna touch that dog.  Not me, not any body.

So an nice patron came over and pulled the dog out from under the computer desk, grabbed his front legs, and we watched as the dog waddled on his hind legs out the front door.

Then the dog came in again.

And the patron came over again, and dog waddled out.

Then the dog came in again.

And the patron came over again, and dog waddled out.

Prior to this, this happened:

Me:     (to patron) Is this your dog?

Patron:     No.

Me:         OK

(dog comes in, dog waddles out, dog comes in, dog waddles out, dog comes in, dog waddles out)

Patron:      OK, I’m going to sit outside with him because he knows me.

Who let the dogs in!  Who? Who? Who?

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